London – The place to invest

It has been said that if you do not have at least one property investment in London it is as if you have no investment at all.

“The greatest value of property in England lies in owner-occupied residential property, which has risen 109% in value during the past decade” Financial Times, January 2011.

For example, an investment in residential property worth 1 million in 2000 is now worth 2,090,000.00 in 2011, plus approximately 15% (on initial investment) annual return on rent. In other words, it is now worth more than 3 million including return.

London has a proven track record as a safe deposit for international investors, international buyers now account for over 60% of property buyers at the very top of the prime Central London markets.

The buy-to-let boom during the last decade has resulted in huge expansion in the value of rental property across the UK to nearly 600 billion. The London property market is a mature market which protects and secures the investor/landlord.

London is a multicultural cosmopolitan city with historic attractions. It is an international centre for business, a financial and trading centre, an educational research, medical and fashion centre and an ideal place to shop and have fun…

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